About Us

Aelinoversea is an experienced based and solution-oriented consultancy. It is established by Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents who have enormous knowledge of Canada and the Canadian system.

Aelin Overseas is an international advisory consultant with a strategic global network and an ample knowledge about the norms and valuable information which will help the students and immigrants acquire knowledge before visiting their destination.

We provide expert guidance in obtaining Student Visas, Immigrations, Visitor Visas, & Work Visas for Canada, UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia and many more. We believe in transparency, our client can always be sure that they are receiving the latest information and advice from us.

We take pride in helping applicants like you to follow through your dream of going abroad for education or settling abroad for better opportunities. We strive hard to understand your needs and aspirations to offer you trustworthy and reliable guidance to keep you always updated.

The office is hi-tech and connected with the latest technology. We make sure that every part of the process is quality checked regularly to provide our clients only the highest standards of services.

We offer best level services because we believe in building relations with our clients for a long time.

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we are glad to have you on our site. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact us. We believe no query is too small, and our experts are here to help in any way possible.

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Aelinoverseas ?

We take care of all your overseas education requirement. Be it recommending or shortlisting of universities; be it building or enhancing your profile; be it application to universities or be it visa, we even take care of your forex and loan requirements.
Our experts help you evaluate the best courses from various universities that would suit you best, based on your profile assessment.
Our visa specialists assist you to make your journey as smooth as possible, with guidance on preparing a visa file and ensuring all checkpoints are met before applying.
We’re committed to making sure you feel supported every step of your study abroad journey. The Pre-Departure Orientation is an important step in ensuring a successful experience in Study Abroad Program. It gives students an opportunity to understand many realities of future life. we will ensure you easily adjust to your new life in a new country.


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