Highest-Paying Part-Time Jobs In The UK

The UK has become an even more attractive destination for international students, not just with its array of high-quality universities, but also with the availability of a two-year post-study work visa for foreign students.

However, while the school semester, many students attempt to work part-time while chasing their dreams. Some use the extra money for their living cost while others work part-time to understand the local culture better as well as to make more friends and connections.


Best Part-time Jobs in the UK

1. Accountant

One of the most well-paid part-time jobs in the UK, the position of the accountant requires developing business accounts and helping businesses to get a better view of their financial situation. becoming an accountant isn't a walk in the park. Y

On average, part-time accountants earn about £15 /hour, but you can get as much as £20 an hour as you begin to build a trustworthy reputation. 


2. Computer Programmer

This part-time profession is best suited for people who previously have a bachelor's degree in computer science. If you're beginning your education from scratch - programming isn't for you.

On average, computer programmers make around £20k a year - but seniors with specific expertise can even ask at a rate of between £70 and £150 an hour! This is one of the best-paid part-time jobs in the UK.


3. Teaching Assistant / Tutor

You can make money by teaching people the skills you have that they want to learn, and what’s cool is that with some companies you have a global audience.

It's up to you what you want to teach. Some of the best part-time jobs for students in the UK sharing what you learn in your classes with other students who are struggling. You could also teach something completely independent to your course.

Another great thing about tutoring? You can promote yourself on social media!

The average pay for a tutor in the UK is around £23,187 per year.


4. Customer Service

Looking for an easy way to top up your cash?

No problem - why not try customer service?

Customer service roles in the UK can pay up to £10.35 an hour - which is a lot more than you'd get from some other jobs.

 you're not going to require any technical skills to get started.

As long as you have a friendly attitude and you're prepared to go above and beyond to assist your customers.


5. Pet Care

If you like taking care of furry friends like cats and dogs, there is an opportunity as a dog walker or a part-time cat whisperer. plenty of sites available in the UK to get you started, like Minders-Keepers, or Homesitters.co.uk. 

The average pay for a pet sitter is £24.23 a day in the UK.

Choosing the Highest Paid Jobs in the UK

Getting one of the best-paid part-time jobs in the UK is one part of building a satisfying life for yourself as you learn in the UK.

If you're preparing on studying abroad, our counselors will be on hand to guide you through the entire process - from applying to the university to settling accommodation needs.

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