Student Profile Analysis

Self-analysis is the key to successful career. Every student’s potential is gauged based on their ability understand where do they stand in midst of the crowd. We support and offer a complete analysis to help them identify the inner strength. Our experts do a thorough analysis of their qualifications and aspirations and then recommended the relevant options. We truly understand that this decision shall shape your career and don’t ignore any corner at all.

We understand that every student wants to build their career in other country will have numerous questions in their mind. Our experts at Aelinoverseas access the students using a set of Questionnaire and assess them based on the filled sheet of information given by them. These pattern of self-evaluation not only help the students but also our academics experts to guide them in the right track., we provide impartial counselling to students as well as parents on their preferred country of study, institutions and the program of study. We evaluate individual students’ strengths, weaknesses, chances and interests apart from matching it with top universities where he/she has the maximum prospects of admission.

Discussing with the students and their parents and provide clear cut information related to the intake dates and deadlines, Colleges/University policies and procedures, Costs of tuition fees, etc. We aid candidates in every step of the admission procedure until they land-dwelling at the university and maintain utmost confidentiality.

Benifits :

  • Instant doubt clarification
  • In-depth information delivery
  • Realistic suggestions
  • Robust knowledge sharing

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